Weather Preparedness

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As temperatures drop, check tire pressure more often

South Dakota DOT expands snowplow fleet

South Dakota DOT adds more-efficient snowplows

What to do if stranded in a snow storm

Drivers can be fined if only part of their windshield is scraped free of snow or ice

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Winter is fast approaching: Is your car ready?

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Tornado safety: Safe spot

South Dakota gets more than its fair share of hail

Spring brings severe weather warnings

First Alert - How to make an emergency car kit

First Alert - How to create an emergency kit for your house

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Weather Videos

Posted: 10:30 PM - Sunny days and clear nights will give us near perfect weather for the peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower!

Posted: 2:56 PM - With the latest features from exclusive video forecasts to instant forecast updates, you'll always know what to expect in KOTA Territory!

Daily Forecast

From Meteorologist Mike Modrick:

Fantastic October Weekend!

Winds die down overnight, and stay lighter through the weekend.

Average temps and sunshine stay with us Saturday, then we warm up for the last really warm Sunday of October, so make the most of it! And the mild air holds for us into next week, too!