Fri Nov 08 07:18:38 PST 2019

A warmer Friday forecast

Sunshine and warm air are back in the Black Hills.... but not for long. Find out when we expect colder air in this exclusive webcast!

Spearfish firefighters are back home after deploying to California

Wildfires in California last month spread all over the state, engulfing thousands of acres. We hear from a team of Black Hills firefighters who deployed to the area.

Mock simulation tackles vaping and drunk driving among teenagers

How Sturgis students are showing the dangers of drunk driving and vaping behind the wheel.

Existing ambulance bills written off, total is close to $790k

The city of Rapid City is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why they'll never collect the money.

BHSU women improve to 3-0

Yellow Jackets defeat MSU-Billings 60-42.

Sarah Janz-Subway Athlete of the Week

Janz delivering a big season for the Sturgis volleyball team.

Outlaw Square

Outlaw Square set to open in early December and crews trying to win Levitt Amp Grant.


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