A cool and windy Thursday forecast

Wed Sep 11 17:10:03 PDT 2019

A cool and windy Thursday forecast

Meteorologist Ethan Emery is tracking a cool, wet and windy Thursday forecast. Find out how soon things dry out in your First Alert webcast!

Stevens girls basketball delivering a big season

Raiders ranked second in the state with a 16-1 record.

Helping first responders

A coffee shop in Hot Springs brewed up some hot coffee for the first responders.

First-ever Lakota Food Summit

Tradition, culture, and food is the focus at the Lakota Food Summit.

Quarantined teacher

A man from Box Elder is quarantined in China.

Drone bill

Drones can be beneficial, but they do come with a few drawbacks.

Hot Springs fire

The community is coming together after the fire in Hot Springs.


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