Sun Aug 18 22:44:20 PDT 2019

Black Hills Pigskin Draft

The newsroom had their annual fantasy football draft this Sunday. Everyone had a great time , but of course there was some trash talking.

Hiker and her dog got caught in an animal trap, steps away from walking trail

For one Black Hills woman and her 8-year-old dog, Tiger, their Tuesday hike turned from relaxing to traumatic in minutes.

A cool Saturday forecast

Winds die down by Saturday, but the cold air lingers! The details of that plus what the rest of the weekend looks like is in this webcast!

Middle East explainer

The complicated situation in the Middle East broken down.

Chinook Day

Spearfish set the record for fastest temperature change ever recorded.

Trail leg trap

A Black Hills woman and her dog were caught in a trail trap on Tuesday.

Windy tonight, cooler Saturday forecast

Meteorologist Ethan Emery is tracking strong winds, some snow and a cool down for the weekend! The details are in this webcast!


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