Most are dry, but tracking isolated storms!

Wed Aug 14 05:07:45 PDT 2019

Most are dry, but tracking isolated storms!

Meteorologist Ethan Emery is tracking storms this morning, followed by the threat for stronger storms that could possibly swipe through parts of the area. The details are right here in this exclusive webcast!

Training is critical to avoid accidental police shootings

Pennington County Sheriff's Office focuses heavily on training its deputies in the use of lethal force.

Deer population grows in Sturgis

Urban deer hunt means meat on some families' tables.

Be smarter than the average home burglar

Make sure you don't advertise that you will be out of town; and don't put boxes from high-value items out on the curb for all to see.

First step in home rule process

Mayor Allender supports home rule and wants to leave our current Dillion's Rule.

Somewhat milder temperatures can be expected today

But the cold air returns later Friday and hangs around all weekend


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