Downtown parking lot update

An economic development organization is now in charge of the next phase of a million-dollar city property in the heart of downtown.

50th anniversary of Apollo 11

Tomorrow will mark 50 years since man first walked on the moon and uplifted a nation in the space race over the Soviet Union.

Rapid City Pipe repair

Construction crews hit a pipe ...causing water to shut off to a south Rapid City apartment complex. Broken pipes aren't unusual and the city is trying to find better solutions to fix the problems.

Protect your car too

Excessive summer heat can take a toll on your body -- but it can also take a toll on your car.

Rapid City Affordable housing search

The issue of affordable housing continues to build and the City of Rapid City is asking for your input.

Players learn the game at Junior Legion level

Junior legion teams prepare players to play at varsity level.

Over 70 blenders tested. Which one gets the job done?

No summer party is complete without margaritas and other frozen drinks.


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