Mostly Sunny and Warmer Today

Mostly Sunny and Warmer Today

Chance of Thunderstorms Returns Friday

Fast action on recalls

If deaths are linked to a potentially hazardous product and the government knows about it, you'd think that information would always be made public, but restrictions keep that information from being shared.

Tribal youth treated to a day in Keystone

The City of Keystone rolled out the red carpet for 150 tribal youths for a day of fun, rides and attractions in the town.

Catching a criminal at a blood drive

A felony suspect is arrested after wandering into the Guns and Hoses Blood Drive.

Changes to Rapid City homeless shelter

Big changes are coming to Rapid City's largest homeless shelter.

Firefighters practice emergency medical evacuations

Agencies train with medevac organization to ensure they can safely get an injured person out of the hills.

They are cute; but not huggable

Animals that get too comfortable around humans pose a risk to themselves and us.


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