Car technology to keep you safe

Car technology to keep you safe

Advances in car technology are making cars safer than ever before, but not everyone has access to these lifesaving features. In fact less than half of new cars include forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking as standard equipment.

Post 320 splits at the Black Hills Classic

Stars defeat Chadron 14-2, fall to 406 Flyers 6-2. Also: -Post 22 picks up a pair of wins at Sioux Falls Tournament.

Facebook comes out with new feature to help blood donations

Feature is available currently in 5 major U.S. Cities and should be available to the rest of the country in the coming months.

The Rapid City Vision Fund grew significantly over the years

The vision fund was established as a way to continue to develop community project that dont fit into other budgets.

Street crews working hard to fill in the pot holes

Recent weather set crews back six weeks from their original schedule.


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