Boy helps fund organization helping children with disabilities

Sun Apr 14 22:16:20 PDT 2019

Boy helps fund organization helping children with disabilities

SunCatcher volunteers provide therapeutic horse riding lessons for people with mental or physical disabilities. One young boy is helping fund the organization.

Downtown Spearfish Summer Nights

The event is canceled this June.

Barber College is another career path

Many high school students choose a four-year college ... while others opt for a technical or trade school.

Rapid City Police training

"We do not train on kneeling on somebody's neck. "

Sinkhole issue

A dozen homes in a Black Hawk neighborhood were evacuated earlier this year.

Spearfish Post 164 suspends baseball operations for 14 days

The Spearfish Post 164 has suspended all baseball operations within the program for 14 days after a family member of an athlete in the program tested positive for Covid-19. Baseball is set to resume June 12th.

Sturgis Post 33 can't wait for season opener

Dominic Bradford has replaced Wade Huntington as head coach for Post 33. The Titans can't wait for their season opener next week.


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