Google Searching your Health Concerns

Thu Mar 14 22:15:51 PDT 2019

Google Searching your Health Concerns

Researchers from Penn Medicine say health-related internet searches DOUBLED during the week before patients visited an emergency department. Dr. Nancy Babbitt from Creekside Medical Clinic says every day ... at least one of her patients Googles potential health problems before seeing her.

Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity will be hosting a virtual groundbreaking

For the past 30 years, Black Hills Habitat for Humanity has been building and renovating homes in the community, and even during the pandemic, they're continuing to do so.

Local firework stand in business for the love of Independence Day

Firework stands pop up every year at the end of June, but who's behind them and what's it like to run such seasonal business?

Secretary of the Interior says Mt. Rushmore will be here until the end of time

U.S. Secretary of the Interior says Mt. Rushmore will be here until the end of time.

Water safety is a priority with so many celebrating the holiday weekend

As people head to the lake for the holiday weekend, it's important to remember to be safe when on the water.

Keystone helps build memories for people in the Hills

Thousands of people are in Keystone for President Donald Trump's visit to Mount Rushmore.

World's largest American flag is in town for Independence Day

Weighing in at more than 3000 pounds, the world's largest American flag makes it's way to the Buffalo Chip.


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