New tax revenue doesn't necessarily mean more money.

New tax revenue from online sales tax doesn't necessarily mean more money for the state.

Meet the robot doctor

A doctor at Regional Health successfully uses a robot to perform surgery.

Painting the ice in anticipation

The Civic Center is getting the paint on the ice for the Rush season opener.

Fire department hit by budget cuts

The equipment budget will take the burnt of the $50,000 cut to the fire department.

Allender discusses budget cuts

Allender says, despite a large cut to the Cornerstone, it's still receiving $100,000 for tax payer money.

More planes needed

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson says the branch needs 25 percent more squads by 2025.

Alleged Poet's Table vandals negotiate pleas

The two girls accused of destroying Poet's Table sit down for a pre-trial conference in Custer


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