Lawmakers want tougher texting and driving laws

A bill that would allow law enforcement officers to stop drivers seen texting while driving, is currently being discussed by state legislators.

New Infrastructure aproved

Last night, the Rapid City Council approved spending a little over *four million dollars* to replace infrastructure and modernize older parts of town.

Mega Millions increased for Tuesday night's drawing

If you're feeling a little lucky today you may want to get in on the Mega Millions lottery game.

Keeping the noise down in Lead

Less noise in Lead, that's what the people hope for anyway as a new ordinance is about to become a law that will help officials measure how much noise is too much noise.

Despite looming law suits, Ferebee returns to Pennington County Commission

Despite the specter of two law suits looming over it, the Pennington County Commission was all smiles Tuesday.

South Dakota Immigration

Two Mexican Citizens are sentenced Tuesday in federal court for re-entering the U.S. after deportation. Rapid City has about 12-15 illegal re-entry cases a year.

Public official tired of people cussing at her staffers

The Pennington County Treasurer is tired of citizens using vulgar language when calling or approaching staff.


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