Rolling Thunder will ride through Washington DC for the last time Memorial Day weekend

‘Sgt. Stubby,’ beloved WWI service dog, honored with bronze statue

Teenager pushes double-amputee home in wheelchair during storm warning

Hiker missing for more than 2 weeks in Hawaii found alive

Police hunt for suspect after explosion in French city of Lyon

Trump arrives in Tokyo for state visit, golf and sumo

40 years ago Saturday, 273 people lost their lives in US’ deadliest plane accident

Bodies in submerged Missouri vehicle bring storm toll to 9

Judge halts plan to build parts of border wall

Group backs creating a Christian state

Ex-Facebook exec recommends Zuckerberg step down as CEO

Trump considers pardons for soldiers accused of war crimes

US judge temporarily blocks Mississippi 6-week abortion ban

Wisconsin man who kidnapped Jayme Closs gets life in prison

Vietnam War memorial tagged with graffiti in Boston; American flags thrown in creek

US beefing up forces in Middle East to counter Iran

CEOs get an average of $800,000 pay increase, leaving workers further behind

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