Subway Athlete of the week: Isaiah Morin-Baxter

Rapid City, SD (KOTA-TV) With the State meet coming up in two weeks, Isaiah Morin- Baxter took home first place honors with a jump of 6"6 in the high jump.

Jenna Stephens says, " Howard Wood is a harder meet to win than the State meet."

Isaiah Morin-Baxter, " It was incredible. It was very special. Arguably the second biggest of the year, second only to State meet."

This year the Stevens Senior has found a new, and unique way to make sure he is loose and ready to jump.

Morin-Baxter says, " In all honesty my favorite preparation that I discovered this year I actually run the 4X2"

Stephens says, " I think it keeps him in really good shape. He also prefers to run a 200 before he jumps, which is kind of odd."

Oddly enough Morin Baxter never stops moving during any meets either.

Morin Baxter says, " I don't sit down during the competition. I never sit down, I just keep moving, walking."

Running the 200 and constantly being on the move helps the high jumper stay fresh and conditioned

Morin Baxter says, " You jump 10-20 times sometimes in a meet and you start to get pretty tired and you separate people out by who is in shape and who isn't"

Stephens says, " To be able to do a sprint and then high jump on top of that, it takes an exceptional athlete."

Seeing the exceptional athlete like Morin Baxter on the top of the podium isn't surprising to his coach

Stephens says, " I was extra excited, but I wasn't surprised. I've been expecting this."

Now the Senior is hoping to continue his success at State but before he soars high, Morin Baxter remains grounded.

Morin Baxter says, ' Of course we are going into the state tournament soon, looking to compete there and do well, not looking to jinx anything."