Douglas' Dan and Dylan

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Douglas hoops is making a splash this season. Dylan Pourier is a junior, Dan Hand is one of 11 seniors on the team.

"The young guys look up to us so that's cool," said Pourier. "Put in a mindset that being a Douglas Patriot means something."

"After last year I knew that we had a good chance to do something big this year if we all stayed together and I was happy with how dedicated the boys were," said Douglas head coach Travis Miller. "They spent a lot of time in the summer in the gym."

Dan, along with his twin brother Sam came to Douglas last season from Pine Ridge.

"I think they kind of have that connection where he throws a pass and I don't even see where it's going and all of a sudden Sam's on the other end of it," said Miller.

Dan is Douglas' most versatile defender and a key factor in the Patriots teamwork.

"He's a knock down shooter from anywhere on the court," said Pourier. "Plus, he's got vision. So if I'm open, if anybody is open on the team, he's going to get you the ball. But if he's open, he's knocking down the shot."

"I really like passing," said Hand. "I like helping the other teammates feel like they're needed."

The pair have very different approaches when they take the court.

"I mean, I'm not going to lie, I like to score," admitted Pourier. "I got blessed with athleticism so I like to use that."

"He's fun," said Miller. "He's the most athletic kid I've coached in my years. It's amazing some of the things he does as far as getting off the floor. The things he can do with the basketball are pretty unique."

The Patriots are a fan-friendly team to watch.

"To me it's just seeing everyone having fun," explained Hand. "Just skipping that ball around and everyone taking their shots."

Dan and Dylan, dunking at Douglas.

"Getting teammates open shots and going up, getting dunks, that's the funnest part to me," reflected Pourier.

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