Committing to the game: Aaliyah Provost

A coach can have a huge impact on a player.

"Three years ago I didn't hustle back," said Aaliyah Provost, a senior for the Red Cloud girls basketball team. "I walked on plays, and I really didn't care about basketball. Like, I didn't have the love for it."

Red Cloud girls head basketball coach Matt Rama has changed what basketball means to his do-it-all player.

"He's helped me, like, get my love back for basketball," said Provost.

The summer before junior year is when things changed for Provost.

"By far been our hardest worker the past two years," said Rama. "She's been consistently in the gym. I mean she's been the leader and the heart of the team. She's put in the work."

"My coach Matt is the one who really like, pushed me to have a really good work ethic and work to the level that I want to be," said Provost.

It was a combined effort for Aaliyah to reach this point.

"She wasn't even playing JV, she might have been playing C team," said Rama. "Then she went to starting varsity her junior year. And it was just because of her work ethic. She brought her work ethic in every day. And then after this last year she felt like she wanted to become more athletic so she ran track which she never did before and really pushed herself to be a better athlete and still kept doing her skills."

Rama says she can shoot, take it inside, and take it up-court. Aaliyah's happy having her coach saying that.

"I really don't like talking about myself," she said. "But I feel like, if you give me a role, I can fulfill that role, whatever role it is."

A high school career packed with improvement. Now, nearing an end.

A coach can have a huge impact on a player.

"I'm going to miss Matt screaming at me the most, to work harder and not take plays off and stuff."

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