Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Stuffed with Herb Goat Cheese


1 lb shrimp
1/2 c goat cheese
1 TB fresh thyme, chopped
1 lime
1 pkg sliced bacon
pinch of sea salt an cracked black pepper


Heat grill to medium high, or to about 350 degrees. Wipe grates down with a paper towel moistened with olive oil.

In a small bowl, mix goat cheese with a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime, fresh chopped thyme and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Slice shrimp to create a pocket and stuff with goat cheese mixture. After stuffing the shrimp, wrap with a slice of bacon, from the inside out. Make sure all the goat cheese is covered so it doesn't melt out.

Place shrimp on grill an cook 10 to 15 minutes or until shrimp firms up.
Serve with fresh grilled veggies.