Andouille Chicken and Red Bean Gumbo


Andouille sausage
½ cup garlic
1 green bell pepper
1 red onion diced
4 stalks celery
2 lbs andouille sausage
1-2lbs diced chicken
2 cans of kidney beans (15 oz cans)
3 tbls Cajun seasoning
½-1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbls thyme
1 tbls basil
1 tsp black pepper
Louisana hot sauce to taste
2 cups Okra


Put over rice, cheese stuffed tortellini, or cheese stuffed ravioli

In pot melt butter, then, once hot, add your garlic. After the garlic is lightly sautéed, add in all of your fresh veggies. Cook until onions are soft, and then add in your seasonings and mix. Next add ½ of water to deglaze the pan. Now add in the meats and kidney beans with juice. Then add 3 cups of water. Once the celery is at the desired texture, add the okra. Lastly cover the pot and let simmer for one hour. Serve over rice and if you desire a thicker Gumbo start out with a flour roux.