Rapid City teenagers ask to sit at the table with city lawmakers

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Teenagers may start chiming in on city government conversations while sitting beside Rapid City council members.

Rapid City council members discuss at City Hall. (KOTA TV)

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender received a proposal from Teen Up asking to create a Youth City Council. Teen Up wants 18 high school students to sit beside city lawmakers and bring up issues and policy.

Allender says he is disappointed in how many adults don't participate in citizen based politics so he looks forward to young minds wanting to join in on the conversation.

Allender said the city council will meet with the teenagers to go over schedule times to meet up in conference rooms for future sit downs.

"To see a portion of a younger generation wanting to be involved in city government and city affairs it seems to good to be true. There are so many folks not wanting to do anything with these type of things these days. And it's getting worse by the day, in my opinion. So this is refreshing," Allender said.

If approved, the plan is to start the first youth city council meeting at the beginning of next year.