Young S.D. Republicans: It's about Independence Day

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 6:56 PM CDT
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President Donald Trump is visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota for the 4th of July fireworks. Some people are excited about the President's visit, while some other people might not be happy with the idea for various reasons. For two young Republicans, they think it's time to put the differences aside on this special day.

Danielle Haugen, the national committeewoman for Young Republicans of South Dakota, says the fact that the President of United States is visiting this area is a great thing. As a young conservative, she feels there's a "silent majority" who are worried about welcoming the president outwardly because of the politics. Larry Luetke is the chair for Young Republicans of South Dakota, and he says he knows there are mixed opinions about the President's visit, but he says, the most important thing is, it is Independence Day that we are all celebrating. "No matter what age, race, anything," says Luetke, "there's a lot of different things we've had to deal with even just this year, but I mean, we're Americans, we can get through this, we can work together." Luetke comments.

Haugen adds that young Republicans might get attacked when they side with the conservatives. "I encourage any young Republican , any conservatives, anyone that is a Trump supporter..., that there are so many of us that are united, that we are coming together, supporting our values, our beliefs and our party."

Both young Republican officers say that they respect different opinions but they also want to encourage young conservatives to support the President freely.

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