Wyo, SD lawmakers seek to loosen gun laws

(AP and KOTA TV) – A proposed bill in the Wyoming Legislature would override local gun control laws and allow people to carry concealed guns on school grounds and in other public places in the state.

Senate File 75 would also clarify that only the state Legislature may regulate firearms, weapons and ammunition. The bill would not pre-empt private property rights nor would it impact any restrictions currently outlined in the state's existing concealed carry law.

The bill's primary sponsor, Republican Sen. Anthony Bouchard, of Cheyenne, says it was drafted in response to public entities limiting where firearms could be carried, including at the University of Wyoming.

South Dakota lawmakers will once again try to rid the state of its concealed carry permit requirement. Bills in the House and Senate remove penalties for people if they carry without a permit. They are Senate Bill 38 and House Bill 1041.

According to a release from the South Dakota Gun Owners Organization, a gun rights group, South Dakota would become the 13th state to pass such legislation. Other states that did away with permits are Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

However, due to reciprocity agreements with other states, people would still need a permit if they carry in those states.