Woman becomes neighborhood watch advocate after incident with her daughter

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - These folks are notorious for keeping an eye out in your neighborhood and have been doing so for decades. Neighborhood crime watch is a community organization trying to make a difference on the streets of Rapid City.

On MacArthur street, one neighborhood watch group has been strong for more than 20 years. One of the watch captains got the idea to start a the group after an incident when her daughter was only five years old.

"She was playing out here in our front yard with her friends, some friends we had over. A car of- ended up being gang members came by, they stopped, pointed a gun at the kids and said get out of our neighborhood, this isn't your neighborhood get out. Using bad language, threats and all that. So we started thinking- no, we're not moving so we've got to do something to fix them, " says Alice McCoy a co-captain of the Mahoney addition neighborhood watch.

"It helps out tremendously just being a good witness. We never expect or encourage anybody to directly get involved in an incident and put themselves any form of danger. Just to be a good witness and answer questions dispatch would ask," says Ron Terviel a crime prevention officer with the Rapid City Police Department.

As for getting a watch group started, police say start by talking with your neighbors, the group is all about protecting your community. The Rapid City Police hold meetings where any person wanting to start a neighborhood crime watch group can come and learn more. You can find the next meeting at rcgov.org.