With the summer sun here, be mindful while exercising

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - With the warm weekend ahead of us, more people will be spending the days outside. Making it important to take precautions for being in the sun for the day.

As the temperatures are heating up in the Black Hills, people are choosing to be outside to workout as opposed to indoors. While exercising outdoors in the heat, it's important to know your limitations. Make sure to hydrate before physical activity and if you're not used to exercising in the heat- it's okay to say I'm going inside.

"If you regularly train in it, and you're used to it, that's fine- but if it's something like hey I'm just gonna go outside, it's 99 degrees outside I'm going to train today and you're not used to it, don't do it," says Dante Dudley the owner of It's A Lifestyle Fitness.

Another tip to avoid heat exhaustion is to not workout in the hottest part of the day.