Winter sports get a boost with Wednesday's snow

LEAD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Over a foot of snow fell in the Northern Hills. After a slow start to the season for winter sports lower temperatures in February and fresh snow help the season end strong.

"It's definitely been a good season for us. The colder temperatures kept people back maybe a little bit in February, but we had awesome conditions throughout the month," says Linda Derosier, marketing director at Terry Peak.

With fresh snow after Wednesday's storm people are out enjoying the warmer weather before the ski season ends.

"See, we drove from Brookings and we got here and the snow was great. I mean the temperatures are perfect today, this weekend to go skiing so it was worth the drive," says Josh Jensen who visited Terry Peak with his family.

Terry Peak isn't the only business that is benefiting from the snow, snowmobilers are out as well.

"With February it was cool and we had snow so February was awesome for our snowmobile rentals. We did very well and now with this latest snow it's just prolonged our season quite a bit," says Chris Mumm, owner of Black Hills Off-Road Rentals.

Mumm usually ends the season in February, but with the current forecast he plans to stay open through one more weekend.
At Terry Peak the season ends March 31st and Derosier is hopeful more people will hit the slopes in coming weeks.

"We're just looking forward to Spring conditions and with the new snow it'll ensure that we can have good spring ski conditions all through the very end," she says.