Will a first-term state rep take on a sitting US Senator in 2020?

State Rep. Scyller Borglum to announce her plans for the 2020 U.S. Senate race on Monday. (photos courtesy U.S. Senate and Scyller Borglum; background photo by Martin Falbisoner/CC BY-SA 3.0)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - While state Rep. Scyller Borglum won’t actually say today that she’s challenging Sen. Mike Rounds in the 2020 election, her comments point to her possibly being primed for a primary race.

In a release Thursday, Borglum said: "After listening to numerous South Dakotans across the state, I have made a thoroughly-considered decision regarding the upcoming U.S. Senate race," states Borglum.

There have been rumors for months that Borglum was going to campaign for the Senate.

In April, Borglum had a little dust-up with U.S. Rep Dusty Johnson over a potential challenge to Rounds. Borglum claimed Johnson tried to “bully” her into not trying to unseat South Dakota’s junior senator.

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Monday, Borglum will announce what she calls her 2020 common-sense conservative vision for South Dakota in three events across the state.

"My vision was made clear while meeting with my constituents of District 32 and other South Dakotans across the state,” Borglum stated in her release. “I will successfully bring forth this vision to create smaller government, rebuild immigration policy, and improve healthcare access and affordability. Unlike many politicians, I have achievable, common-sense conservative solutions for these real problems affecting all South Dakotans."