When is the right time to move on from a dog's death?

Published: Dec. 15, 2017 at 10:19 AM CST
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When is the right time to move on from a pets death? Should you get one right away, or should you adopt one before the older dog moves on?

Dog trainer Rebecca Almy lost her two dogs Rex and Roxy recently, and says purchasing a new puppy was something that helped her cope

But Almy warns getting a puppy can be hard on the older dogs health.

"If you have an older dog with maybe even some hip issues or back issues and a puppy comes in, and I mean puppies can play really rough depending on the bread and the size."

Almy suggests making sure the older dog is actually the one who picks out the new puppy.

If you do get a new dog make sure you still give attention to the older one.

"Definitely try to wear the new dog out separately, like on extra walks or play time. Make sure you give that older dog their alone time cause they may need a little more rest."

Another benefit to getting the puppy is that it's possible older dogs can help train the younger ones.

If you decide to get a new dog, it is recommended you not get two. They are extra work and need more attention.

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