What to know when using a generator

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RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA TV) - When your power goes out most know that you should go find the generator, but not everyone knows how to use one.

The number one problem seen by generator professionals is lack of conditioning.

Dak Generator Customer Service Representative, Joel Braunesreitcher, explains “generators don't like to sit. That's what kills most generators, is if you use them during the winter time and you think, okay it's summertime, I don't need him that much and you let it sit, that's our most typical most typical thing with the portable that we see."

Another problem people run into is getting a generator that has enough voltage to run all the power your house needs.

But that's not the only problem people run into.

President of Mick’s Electric, Mick Nagel, says “if you energize a generator on the power grid without a transfer switch in between, you can put voltage back on the powerline, and you can electrocute a power lineman who is out repairing your powerline."

So to keep you and everyone else safe, call a professional first.
They will evaluate what you are using the generator for and what fits your needs.

"A little 7KW if you have just a basic house. Pretty common is anywhere from 17 to 22KW on homesteads and homes," states Nagel.

Also never run your generator inside your garage, as the fumes could enter your house and possible kill anyone inside from carbon monoxide poising.