What to do if stranded in a snow storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - 3 people in South Dakota died last winter when they got stuck in the snow and abandoned their cars. Here's what you should do to survive:

- Call for help and stay put. Your car is actually pretty good shelter.

- Check the tailpipe to make sure it is not blocked by snow and continue to do so until help arrives. If blocked, carbon monoxide can build up inside the car and this can be deadly.

- Turn the car off to conserve gas. Turn it back on periodically to warm up then back off. Continue to check that the tailpipe is not blocked by snow.

- Hydrate; The more hydrated you are the warmer you'll be.

- Make your car visible so help can locate you and other drivers can see you. You can do this by keeping it clear of snow, putting on your hazards or tying something to the antenna.

- Prepare ahead of time by having some emergency items in your car such as: a snow shovel and ice scraper/snow brush, a blanket, an extra hat, scarf and gloves, a flashlight, snacks and road flares.

- STAY CALM. This is crucial in this situation. Stay where you are, stay warm and don't panic.