What snow? Businesses opt to stay open

Published: Apr. 10, 2019 at 6:36 PM CDT
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Despite the weather, many Rapid City businesses elected to stay open for at least the morning half of the day on Wednesday.

Revel Coffee was one of those businesses. Assistant Manager Heather Skogen says they were closed during the last winter storm, but had a better feeling about this one.

She says it's hard to plan when to close because you never know exactly what the snow is going to do.

"Really we just take it case by case. It's South Dakota. Snow could start at noon or 6 or 9 or never," Skogen said.

Skogen says they will close if there is a travel ban in the city, but until then, coffee is just too important to shut down.

Western Stationers in downtown Rapid City was also open. They say they normally close if the banks close. Both companies agree this is a typical South Dakota spring.

"I've lived in South Dakota for so long. You know that you can't always predict that weather pattern," said Connie Ming, retail sales clerk at Western Stationers

Ming says sometimes they close when the schools close as well.

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