What is a false report?

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Wednesday's school lockdown in Rapid City turned out to be nothing after they received a false report.

Sgt. Ryan Phillips, Rapid City Police Department, says “A false report is anytime someone calls in that would generate a call for law enforcement that's untrue. They knowing, that it's an untrue emergency. This would also fall into someone pulling a fire alarm with no fire, to cause panic and resources from the city or any government entity to come in there."

A false report is a class one misdemeanor in the state of South Dakota.

"Jail time can vary. It can be years, it could be days, it could be months and then a fine upon what the judge sees it. Typically a pretty hefty fine though, goes along with it," explains Phillips.

The concern about these false claims is having majority of their manpower respond to a call and others around the city, with real emergencies, having to wait.

"The ones that cause us the biggest hard ache are the ones that would cause a massive response like calling in, you know, a gunman at school," states Phillips.

But no matter how many false reports they receive, the local law enforcement will respond accordingly.

"It’s not up to us to decide whether it's true or not until we get there. That's our law enforcement job right there, to investigate and see what concerns we have and how to address them,” says Phillips. “And when we get there and there's no concerns to address, even though we've been told there is, it's too bad cause we've wasted our time there."

Ricky Peck, 29, is being charged with making a fake report to police and disturbing a school.

She was arrested for a false gun report at Pinedale Elementary Wednesday.