Pre-wet system could change the snow removal game

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Rapid City officials are hoping to approve a new way to keep roads clear when it snows.

If approved the systems will attach to snow plows already in use.

It's a pre-wet system designed to help de-icing chemicals stick to the roads, start working immediately, and continue working longer. The public works committee approved six of the pre-wet systems that attach to the snow plows already in use. It's the latest technology and should help keep the roads safe.

"It will be pre-wetted before it hits the spinner and then as it hits the road surface. It will literally start working immediately," said City Streets Superintendent Dale Pfeifle. "That should keep it in place and we should have a lot less lost from the wind blowing it off the road to the traffic kicking it off into the gutter lines."

The systems still need approval from the full city council and is expected to cost $26,000 for six of them.