Water main broke 4 times within 36 hours

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 6:01 PM CDT
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A water main broke on Centennial Street in Rapid City four times within about 36 hours, and it is still not fixed yet. The water and dirt started coming out from one resident's sidewalk at about 1 AM Saturday. The city crew has tried to fix it, but then the water main broke again-- it broke three more times after each repair. The residents do not know exactly why the water main broke repeatedly. The city has turned off one water valve, causing at least ten households on that block without tap water to use. One resident, Mike Weber, says he is concerned if the water would affect other lines such as sewer lines and gas lines. Weber also points out that the water that came out was brown before the water main was shut down, and says he would have to flush out the system. Another resident, Jani Lerback, whose sidewalk is where the water first came out on Saturday, says she is concerned because she could see water bubbling out like a fountain from other areas as well, not just where it first started.

The city crew on site on Sunday did not say how this problem will be resolved or why this problem is occurring repeatedly.

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