Warm weather brings motorists to the car wash

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Warm weather after snow means dirty cars.

Dozens of people are taking advantage of the nice weather this weekend by taking their car to the car wash. Employees at Parkway Car Wash says it always gets busier when the weather is warm or right after a snow, to get debris, mud, dust and sometimes even salt off their cars.

The under body wash is also a popular one this time of year. Employees say it's important to regularly wash your car is that particles don't ruin the paint or exterior of your vehicle.

"Right now they're basically getting the mud and the salt from the snow that we did have and it's pretty much easy work here for all of us. We work as a team and I like it here," said employee Crystal Yellow Eagle.

The automatic car wash is open 7 days a week from 8 to 6 pm. Self-service car washes are open all the time.