Want some deer meat?

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 8:59 PM CST
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With a spike in deer vs car crashes in Sturgis, the city's police department is taking the issue into their own hands.

Sturgis Police Department made a deal with South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks last year to alleviate the deer population in the city.

From tearing up the brush and gardens of residents' homes, to seeing an increase in deer vs car accidents throughout the city, police started the deer harvest program.

Last year, Game, Fish and Parks gave the police licenses to remove 20 deer. This year, the police requested to shoot 60 deer.

All the deer harvested will go to residents who have filled out an

However, residents will have to pay for the processing costs which could range from $50 to $95 per deer.

If there is any meat remaining the rest will go to the Kiwanis Food Pantry to distribute to the less fortunate during the holiday season.

The Chief of Police Geody VanDewater wants people to also stop feeding deer.

"We're trying to minimize the amount of deer that are in the city limits and feeding encourages more deer to come into town. We want to encourage citizens to not be feeding the deer, not be setting food out for the deer or doing any type of attracting of the deer into the city," VanDewater said.

Police will alleviate the deer till January.