Wall Drug has donuts ready for visitors June 1

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 7:33 PM CDT
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Travelers were seen standing on the street Friday, taking pictures with the famous Wall Drug store. One visitor from Wisconsin said, they came here to see Wall Drug, "both times here we didn't get to see it." The first time when they were on their way to Yellowstone National Park, and the second time, which was on Friday, on their way home, still not able to get into the store. This is because Wall Drug has voluntarily closed their doors since March 22nd due to COVID-19.

"You know in our 89 years of history, we only close 4 days a year," Rick Hustead, the chairman of Wall Drug Store, said "being closed for approximately 70 days in a row has been super unusual for us." But, the pharmacy is still serving the community. Wall residents were seen driving by and a staff wearing face mask would then come out with a bag. "We kept our pharmacy open, and we had curbside deliveries and in-town for prescription."

The store may be closed to the public, Wall Drug has been making some new arrangements during this unexpected down time.

"Like, we've eliminated half of the seating in our dining room, and our tables are set up to provide social distancing.... All our employees and staff throughout the drug store will have cloth face masks." Although Wall Drug will close a few sections this season, they are still hiring for the upcoming travel crowds, as there are already visitors planning to come back, and finally walk into Wall Drug. "They are calling: 'when are you gonna open?' And they are very curious about when they can get our Wall Drug donuts." And Rick Hustead announced, they will re-open Monday, June 1.

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