Update: Voting resumes in Rapid City after glitch

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A glitch with an electronic system to check voter ID caused a delay but a return to the old paper check-in has lines moving again.

Rapid City resident, Steve Flanery, says ""well I came to vote at 7:30 this morning and there were probably 10 people sitting in chairs against the wall which looked kind of odd. So we were all turned away from voting this morning and there was some people that were quite irritated by it."

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There are multiple reports of people being turned away from voting locations in Rapid City due to a computer glitch.

The glitch isn't in voting itself, that is still done by a paper ballot. The issue is with the electronic system used to scan identification of voters.

About 40 polling stations are impacted by the glitch. The fix is to return to the old paper check-in system, which Pennington County is now in the process of doing.

Because a number of people (the number is not known at this time) were not able to vote, their polling stations should be opened later. We will update this story with more information when available.

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Issues are being reported at Southwest Middle School, South Middle School and Calvary Lutheran Church.

An official at Southwest Middle School tells KOTA News in the first hour the polls were open, no one has been able to vote.

Pennington County Auditors Office said they are aware of problems and describe the issue as 'hit or miss.'

The communications coordinator for Rapid City released a statement just before 9 a.m. saying, "We are fielding reports of people who are unable to vote due to an apparent computer glitch with the county's E-pollbook system. We are sharing our concerns with county officials and encourage everyone to remain committed today to exercising their right to vote and to be patient as county officials work on the situation."

This is a developing story, check back for updates.