Voters are concerned about a loophole in South Dakota's voter registration

RAPID CITY, S.D, (KOTA TV) - The city election in Rapid City is about two months away. But concern about a loophole in the state's voter registration worries some people about the election's turnout.

For voting registration, it's legal in South Dakota to put down any address as a place of residency so long as you intend to live there. But that doesn't sound right to Margaret Ross.

"Almost like some superficial or blinded loophole in the election process," Margaret Ross, a concerned voter.

In the past, a Box Elder business, America's Mailbox, had more than 6,300 people registered. Some who may have only stayed at the campground for a day.

Even the local address to the Walmart on North Lacrosse Street can be used. Currently, 116 people are registered right here.

"I would say yeah I'm always going to return to Walmart it seems, unfortunately. But, as a voting place of residence it's a little odd," Former Rapid City Alderman Ron Sasso said.

In January, about 30 people, including Ross and Judd Schomp (s-comp), went to Pierre to challenge state legislators.
Schomp says he was disappointed the Senate turned them away and the House suggested they file a lawsuit with the court.

"The state just dropped the ball completely on us. I mean they didn't want to touch the issue so," concerned voter, Judd Schomp.

Sasso says though the loose voter registration laws could affect an election, it's not likely. But he says in a close election, asking for more information doesn't sound like a bad idea.

"The list of the voters who voted at that election. You know, you have to pay, you get it, and then start going through it and get people to look at it and find out how did this happen," Sasso said.

But Ross says if the loophole isn't going to change, people from all over could register in Rapid City to vote in the upcoming election.

"If in one small little bitty town at an RV park you're able to register a thousand people then why can't that homeless shelter in Rapid City register all those people and give them a residence so that they can be registered," Ross said.