Vice President Mike Pence visits Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTATV) - Vice President Mike Pence flew into Rapid City on Air Force 2 today in hopes of tipping the scales in a Governor's race that's considered too close to call.

The Republican Vice President stopped to rally for his fellow Republican Kristi Noem, caught in a tight fight with Democrat Billie Sutton, to become South Dakota's next Governor.

Around 1,500 people showed up to the event in the hanger at West Jet.

Ben Carbajal a Kristi supporter said, "I want him to tell us what he believes in and what the country can do for the future of our children, not just for our veterans of course."

Mike Chamberlain, another Kristi supporter said, "I am excited to hear Vice President Pence, I'm a big fan of President Trump."

The Rally began with thoughts from Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, followed by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and then finished with Vice President Mike Pence.

"Karen and I are deeply humbled by the opportunities that you have given my little family, if you knew my story growing up in a family just like Kristi's, my grandfather immigrated here, and drove a bus, it's hard for me to describe how humbling it is to serve you in this room, and I truly do thank you," Pence said in his speech.

Inside Elections says that South Dakota is 1 of 11 states that is declared a "toss-up" for the Governor's Race.

Kristi Noem said, "It was great to have the Vice President in South Dakota, he called and asked if he could come and have a rally with supporters and we said absolutely, I'm a big believer with what you see with your eyes you carry with your heart and I know he'll carry South Dakota people with his heart tonight too."