Local elementary school implements flexible seating concept

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Whether children want to sit, stand, be on a ball, or a wiggle chair. It's their decision. Flexible seating puts the needs of the child first, giving them control.

For one first grade class at Valley View Elementary, the funds were raised by their teacher to make this classroom a reality and she sees all the benefits.

"It helps their motivation, it helps attendance, it helps relationship building skills, their focus in the class and they really seem to be enjoying it, they're doing a great job," says Sarah Steiger a first grade teacher at Valley View Elementary.

This isn't the only flexible seating classroom at Valley View, it's the second. Parents tell these two teachers their children love the new seating. After all, it's normal to want to move throughout the day instead of being confined to a desk.

"The parents know how their children work best in their environment at home so we just bring a little bit of that home into the school and students just naturally, we naturally just want to move all the time and this is a great age where they just need to get their wiggles out," says Kristin Foerster a second grade teacher at Valley View Elementary.

Children can move about the classroom while doing their work. It's not a free for all, while the teacher is giving instructions the students are asked to stay put and listen.

"Even though they're sitting and moving or bouncing they're still really engaged with me, they're learning, they're listening better. I think they're a little bit happier too because they get to sit next to their friends," says Steiger.

For those who want some personal space, there also is a chair that sits alone so that child can feel comfortable.