Two Rapid City woman used their birthdays to raise money for the Hope Center

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTATV) - Two Rapid City women spent their 52nd birthdays giving, instead of receiving, and they managed to raise a little over $1,500 in free bus passes for the Hope Center.

This is the third year that Margo Julius and Lynn Paulson used their birthdays to ask for donations, with Facebook to make charitable giving fun.

They keep an eye on what the Hope Center may need at the time, for example, the first year they did this, they asked friends to donate feminine hygiene products.

Margo Julius said, "We were going to do a goal of 50 each for our 50th birthday, we crushed it, I mean we had people bringing boxes of feminine products to our office and house."

Margo says the Hope Center's mission means a lot to both of them.

She added that all they need to make their birthdays special are gifts for underprivileged women.