Try a new hobby in 2019: Ghost Hunting

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA TV) - All week long on Good Morning KOTA Territory, we are highlighting new hobbies to try in 2019 and ghost hunting made our list.

Ghost hunting is something that Maurice Miller and Mark Shadley of the Black Hills Paranormal Investigations team says is something worth trying and keeping an open mind to.

They told us that even if you're a skeptic, investigating a house is a good way to also learn about the history of an area and they say that is something that's worth doing.

"And that's always just fun itself, " said Shadley. "The better you understand the history then you have a better understanding of what was going on back in the day and the better understanding you have history, then you start learning why certain things are the way they are."

In May, there is a three night ghost hunting event in Deadwood. Check outBlack Hills Paranormal Investigations for more information on that. The team also does haunted tours of the Adams House in October.