Traditional names top the list for 2016 popular baby names

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) - What's in a name? For a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. For most kids, names don't mean much, but adults understand the importance.

"In a lot of cultures, the name of the child is a very important thing because it reflects who you are,” said Family Librarian, Catheryn Kuntz.

Researchers tracked popular names for quite some time, and top names in 2016 seem to reflect a time gone by. Top girl names included Charlotte, Ava, Emma and Hattie while boy names included Owen, Oliver, Liam and William.

"You see a lot of grandparent names,” said Banana Bunch Child Care Director, Pam Ramp, “but not as much as you used to. Now you see a lot of combination names."

Ramp has worked at Banana Bunch for more than 20 years, She says there has been a cycle of names, and now they are getting back to ancestor roots. Quite a few kids at Banana Bunch have traditional Lakota names.

Kuntz says that's reflective of the way our world is changing.

"As the world gets bigger and then we become more globalized, I think we want to preserve our personal history, and preserve what our whole family was like,” said Kuntz, "Once people discover their personal histories, they can see what they come from. It's taking on that more personal, local type flavor."