The sweetest of thank yous

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Youth and Family Services is saying thank you to their donors by whipping up more than ten thousand sugar cookies.

The whole process starts a few days in advance, when staff and volunteers bake large batches of cookies. Frosting the cookies takes another day, before they box them up by the dozen. The tradition started 21 years ago with a recipe from a YFS worker. After making the cookies for a few events, they decided that sharing these special sweets would be a great way to express their gratitude.

"I think from the popularity of those sugar cookies we decided let's use this as one of our thank you methods to our donors and then it has just grown from there and it's kind of our special proprietary recipe. It's, I think, looked forward too by many of the individuals and businesses in the community," says YFS associate executive director David Miller.

Once the cookies are boxed staff go around town, Wednesday and Thursday, to hand-deliver them.