The background into the murder of Gwen Miller

Published: Nov. 14, 2016 at 6:32 AM CST
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For the last 48 years, a murderer is walking among us in Rapid City but the suspect is on the brink of being caught.

We're looking into how investigators are uncovering the truth in the death of 60 year old Gwen Miller in 1968 in Cold Case: Murder, a KOTA News Extra.

Detective Wayne Keefe was just two years old when a murder shook Rapid City.

A 60 year old woman was raped and murdered and now nearly 50 years later Keefe is determined to put the murderer behind bars.

The year was 1968; A pharmacist at Bennett–Clarkson hospital which is now Regional West, Gwen Miller didn't show up for work.

"Her coworkers wondered why...she was known to be a diabetic and they were in fear that she may have had a medical issue and they went to her house to check on her and they found she had actually been murdered," Keefe said.

But the scene on Hall Street, where Gwen lived was far from horrific. It looked like Gwen had gone to bed and never woke up until her coworkers pulled back the bed covers.

"It wasn't torn apart and busted up, it wasn't a bloody mess or anything like that, it just looked like she had gone to bed, once our investigators had got there, we realized there was more to it," Keefe added.

What police found on the victim led them to believe Gwen had been raped and strangled...but why? That question still puzzles investigators to this day.

"How she was killed and that she was, i mean she was not a person who behaved in high risk manners," Keefe said.