The annual Christmas tree at Main Street Square has arrived

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The annual holiday tree has arrived in downtown Rapid City.

Crews at Main Street Square put up the Christmas tree, and now it's time to get decorating. (KOTA)

The 30-foot blue spruce tree arrived Monday night and was placed near the ice rink at Main Street Square.

Now that the tree is set in place, crews are working on putting up the decorations.

The tree came from Black Hawk and the Events Coordinator for the square, Erin McCormick says they find the perfect tree, by taking submissions from the public, then they take into account criteria like height, and how full the tree looks.

"Represents what we are here at Main Street Square, which is all about community and public interaction and family-friendly. It really just kind of kicks off that holiday season and gets the spirit of the downtown area and holiday really going for everybody," says the events coordinator for Main Street Square, Erin McCormick.

When the decorations are complete, crews say there will be about one-thousand lights on the tree.