The Rural Sturgis Ambulance group is in the process of creating an ambulance district

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Ambulance service has been a concern for people living outside Sturgis city limits. But for now, they can breathe a sigh of relief due to many people taking the time to make sure they have a service.

Creating an ambulance district is the goal for many people who live outside Sturgis city limits. (KOTA)

257 signatures. That was the number the Rural Sturgis Ambulance Group needed to start the process of creating an ambulance district for people who live outside Sturgis city limits.

"They have turned in more than 332, and we're continuously still receiving petitions. So they have already met the mark of signatures that were needed," says Meade County auditor, Lisa Schieffer.

The proposed district will cover a good portion of Western Meade County but does not include the city of Sturgis nor the Buffalo Chip.

To get the ambulance district up and running, community members need to come together, especially on March 23.

"If that vote is a favorable vote to form the district, then the county auditor will set a date for the election of a board of directors," says one resident, Ross Lamphere

If the district is approved, Lamphere says it would cost about $35- 50 per household or business per year to fund the district.

"There are people who have voiced their opinions against the formation of this. But my feeling has always been if I receive a service, I feel that I should help participate in help paying for that service," says Lamphere.

The idea of an ambulance district had gone to a vote before but was unsuccessful.

"Lost very narrowly. This group has stayed active in it and active in the community. And are pushing forward with this," says Schieffer.

If people don't vote Lamphere fears, they will be back to where they started.

"If it fails, we could be sitting right back where we were with no ambulance coverage," says Lamphere.