The Humane Society of the Black Hills debuts new HVAC system

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Humane Society welcomes the community to see its new HVAC system.

Sunday an open house was held for people to get questions answered by the board and the HVAC installation crew' Tessier’s Inc.'

It also gave visitors the opportunity to see what animals are available for adoption.

It took about five years for the new HVAC system to be where it is today, and cost nearly $300,000.

Humane Society board of director, Cory Ferguson said the new system was necessary to keep staff and animals in a comfortable environment.

"It’s very stressful on dogs being in this environment to begin with then to put them in a very hot environment to boot it’s very tough on these animals,” said Ferguson. “Not only is it going to cool down the Humane Society but also improve the air quality."

The money for the system was raised through a community effort from sponsors, businesses and donations.