The Honor Network makes a stop in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - An American flag that flew during recovery efforts at ground zero after 9/11 continues to make its way across the nation.

Rapid City got a special visit from The Honor Network. (KOTA)

The flag is a part of the Honor Network, a group that travels around the country to honor fallen veterans and first responders.

Since 9/11, the organization has traveled around a total of seven million miles, in hopes of reminding people about the importance of sacrifice and integrity.

Founder and president of The Honor Network, Chris Heisler says they also travel to schools.

During this time they teach kids who may not have been alive during that time about the importance of remembering the victims and the survivors of 9/11.

They also emphasize traits like honor and honesty.

"This flag represents patriotism and that courage of selfless service. So our goal is to honor, educate, inspire, and to reinvest that level of patriotism all over the country," says Heisler.

Their next stop is Salt Lake City, Utah and Heisler says they look forward to continuing their trip and making many more educational stops in the future.