The Body Spa in Rapid City takes cryotherapy on the road

 The Body Spa in Rapid City takes its full-body cryotherapy machine on the road.
The Body Spa in Rapid City takes its full-body cryotherapy machine on the road. (KOTA)
Published: Aug. 19, 2019 at 12:15 PM CDT
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You know longer have to go to the Body Spa in Rapid City to get their three-minute recovery they offer with cryotherapy, you can step onto the the spa's mobile truck and get treatment on the spot.

"We're so so excited. We got our second tank so we developed this cryo trailer in order to be able to bring whole-body cryotherapy to other communities in the area," said Tara Mechaley, owner.

Mechaley said she and her team plan to haul the trailer all around the Black Hills.

"We can travel within a two-hour vicinity. We're hoping to be set up at fairs, athletic events, gyms, other medical clinics. Anywhere that we can educate people on whole body cryotherapy and recovery," she said.

In just three minutes, the full-body cryotherapy machine cools down to 130 degrees flushing inflammation out of your body, giving natural pain relief while also giving the body full rejuvenation and a boost.

For arm wrestling champion Luke Pulscher, it is a common denominator.

"I'm like ridiculously hard on my body, my tendons, my soft tissue, muscles, joints, everything. I can go in and get cryo and it just increases my recovery. It cuts my recovery I think by two-thirds as far as time," Pulscher said.

Pulscher says the fact that the spa is meeting people halfway with the mobile truck shows that it is really thinking about maximizing its services to support the community.

"It's absolutely brilliant. What Tara and the Body Spa is doing to get the healing benefits out and reaching more people is just absolutely wonderful," Pulscher continued.

To learn more about cryotherapy and the Body Spa, you can visit their