The Black Hills Farmers Market is looking to reopen on April 18

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - About 50 businesses participate each year in the Black Hills Farmers Market, but due to the indoor market closing, a local vendor says it's a scary time.

Deb Taylor sells her products at the Black Hills Farmers Market. (KOTA)

"This is my livelihood, so with everything closing up and the Black Hills Farmers Market isn't the only thing. I don't have a show or venue now for about three and a half four months," says the owner of Deb's Downhome Delights, Deb Taylor.

Taylor says due to the virus, she has taken a new approach by selling her product online.

"I've always done a little bit of delivery, but I didn't even have a website. So I did everything I had to. I got registered with the FDA so that I can sell online," says Taylor.

Even though the indoor farmers market is currently closed, there is a good chance that it could reopen on April 18 at Market Park.

If the market does open, the staff is planning to have the vendors spaced out, hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations, and vendors wearing disposable gloves.

"Proceed with caution and will play it by year, but we're fully prepared to move ahead with the opening on April 18," says a board member for Black Hills Farmers Market, Cory Ferguson.

Reopening the market won't only provide customers with fresh food; it will also help the local businesses.

"That we have to maintain some normalcy so that we can support our local businesses, so they don't go out of business," says Ferguson.

The plan is to have the market up and running again, but Ferguson says they will evaluate the situation day by day.

"And if we have to shut down for a period of time, we will do so. We want to do what's in the best interest of the general public," says Ferguson.

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